Privacy Policy

For people who visit and view our website regularly, we respect their privacy. We impose a Privacy Policy because we show importance in securing the information of those who share to us. This legitimate policy will make sure that all the details from our users and visitors are truthful after we evaluate them.

We want to remind all our visitors and users that this guideline is crucial if they choose to visit and views whatever content we post online. Our existing guidelines are very important and those who want to visit us need to adhere on whatever we implement legally.

Required Data

For individuals who decide to visit and use our website, they have to submit the necessary details that we need for verification. We usually get the name, gender, age, citizenship and address to proceed. When we gather these data or details, all users and visitors must be willing to submit them on their own will or in voluntary.

Gathered Information Sharing

When we collect and safeguard the collected data, we do our responsibility better. However, we may also distribute them to some authorized government agencies, legitimate third parties and service providers with valid agreement from us. When using the shared details, they need to abide by the existing law and use them legally. Should an additional party request for information, we may provide a different guideline before we agree.

Evaluation of Cookies (Internet Beacons)

We follow the rule when it comes to Internet cookies evaluation because we do not want to experience any problem. Because of this, we respect these imposed guidelines and the existing cookie consent from the EU when we accept visitors coming from this region. The usual information we collect from our users and visitors include their browser and operating system during the actual visits. The importance of checking these details is that we can verify on how many users and visitors are viewing our site on a regular basis. The information we collect likewise can help us improve our available services and in keeping us visible on the Internet with great reputation.

Modifying the Privacy Rule

We value the existing Privacy Policy we implement but if we need to alter this rule, we can change it using our prerogative. This means we do not need any consent once we made a decision to remove or alter information from this policy.